Timeless chic meets the Northern German attitude to life. Determined by vivid colors and a maritime flair, our appreciation of tradition, originality and consistency is reflected in all of our unique watches and accessories. Style consciousness, individuality and distinct quality standards make up the essence of our enterprise. Preserving nautical roots results in an exclusive range of products that is no slave to fast-moving trends.

This allows us to create extraordinary and timeless products by selecting carefully coordinated designs. Sincere and authentic – that is PAUL

PAUL HEWITT products are all handmade and undergo a stringent final inspection. In order to be able to guarantee maximum quality, we rely on experienced craftspeople and choicest materials. We aspire to always give our best – so that you can enjoy our products for many years to come.

PAUL EDWARD HEWITT worked as a master tailor close to London, United Kingdom, in the early 20th century. He emigrated to Oldenburg, Northern Germany, after falling in love with a young lady from the Prussian-Friesian region. He well succeeded in opening a menswear shop through offering the perfect symbiosis of British gentlemen‘s style and Northern German appreciation for quality. A solid 100 years later, his great-grandson, while being in university, scanned through the family tree to find inspiration for founding his own watch, jewelry and accessories brand. He decided to follow the tradition of his ancestors and form unique products with a credible nautical origin. Sincere and authentic – the brand PAUL HEWITT was born.