• The CHRISTINA leather and silver charm concepts are always with genuine gemstones
• CHRISTINA always uses 925 Sterling Silver and with 18 carat gold plated Sterling Silver
• CHRISTINA is the essence of affordable luxury.
• CHRISTINA is fashionable yet classical jewelry
• CHRISTINA is the leading leather & silver charm concept in Scandinavia
• CHRISTINA is versatility. Variations are limited only by your imagination
• All leather bracelets are Italian calf or lamb skin
• The CHRISTINA silver bracelet is a genuine “snake bracelet”. Never a “fake bracelet”. Hence the soft comfortable feeling of the bracelet.
• The CHRISTINA silver bracelet is closed by a unique magnet lock, the only one of its kind in the market place, securing the user a problem free and easy closure of the bracelet.
• The CHRISTINA silver bracelet concept is the only one in the market place with a gold plated charm concept opening up for a whole new customer segment: “the gold enthusiasts”.
• All charms are designed by Christina Hembo
• All charms have names
• Gemstones in charms are always set. Never glued
• Gemstones are always genuine gemstones. Never any Swarovski, simile stones, or any other fake stones.

About Christina

  • Christina Hembo is educated at The London University of the Arts, the # 1 design university in the world
  • Other designers coming from The London University of the Arts: jimmy Choo, Stella McCartney, and Alexander McQueen
  • Christina is today undoubtedly the most recognized jewelry designer in Denmark today.